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Let Go of the Life You Wanted

“I have nothing to show for my life,” he said. “No career. Few friends. No spouse. No financial future. Nothing. I’m enslaved to debt, struggle with childhood sins, and have little left to hope for. Don’t hear me say something I’m not, but many days, I wonder why I am still here.” The season of […]


Learn to Listen

Listening is an important gift we can give others.   Have you ever been in a conversation with others and realized you had checked out? You see their mouths moving, but aren’t engaged? Situations like this make me ask: Why is it so difficult to stay in the present? How can we remain engaged when […]


Leave the Safety of Social Media

Why Race Requires More Presence Racial reconciliation has become a hot topic issue in evangelical circles across the country, and that can be good. However, our methods for addressing the issue aren’t always efficient or helpful. For instance, we have too often preferred the safety of screens over intimate conversations. I understand the draw to […]